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Volume 1, Issue 2

This page contains documents from the edition, in order to be able to see them more clearly by enlarging them on any device.

Vol 1, Issue 2: Welcome

1880 US Census for Dunkirk

1880 US Census for Dunkirk, showing the Randall family. Uriah was a 58 year-old carpenter, and his daughter Nancy, known as Nan, was a 30 year-old seamstress.

1880 Census Randalls
Vol 1, Issue 2: About

1900 US Census for Pomfret

1900 US Census West

1900 US Census for Fredonia, showing the West family. Sol was a 53 year-old carpenter, and Nan was 49 at the time. It also lists their 4 children “at school.”

Vol 1, Issue 2: About Us

Back of West Family Portrait

Letter written by Betty Hatch (granddaughter of Sumner Van Arnam), describing what was written on the back of the West Family portrait

West Family Portrait Back.heic
Vol 1, Issue 2: Welcome

Newspaper Articles

Sol West Purchases Academy Building

Newspaper article outlining Sol West's purchase of the Academy building, which was converted into the Village Hall and Opera House, where he worked and lived.

Sol West purchasing Academy building

Baby Show Article

Newspaper article showing the County Fair where Sol West gave a $5 prize for the baby who cried the loudest.

Solon Barnes $5 priz.jpg

Explosion In Village Hall

Newspaper article explaining the gas explosion in Village Hall, where Nan was injured, but not seriously.

Explosion at Village Hall
Vol 1, Issue 2: Products

Fredonia Opera House

Vol 1, Issue 2: Products

Ship Passenger List

The Wieland

Wieland ship’s passenger list, showing Josef Weissner, opera singer and Louis, handler. See red arrow. record for Josef Weissner on the Wieland shows that they were berthed in Zwischendeck, which means “between decks” or steerage.

Vol 1, Issue 2: About Us

Family Photos

Vol 1, Issue 2: Portfolio
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