Volume 1, Issue 3

Fall 2021

On this page, you will be able to enlarge the photos and documents from the issue, in order to see them better. Also included are the full text of the many newspaper articles from this issue.

InterOcean article_edited.jpg

The Inter-Ocean

Chicago, Illinois
October 14, 1885

Victoria Daily Times article_edited.jpg

The Victoria Daily Times

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
May 21, 1886

Detroit Opera House article_edited.jpg

Detroit Free Press

Detroit, Michigan
September 20, 1885


St. Joseph Gazette

St. Joseph, Missouri
February 9, 1889

Daily City News article_edited.jpg

The Daily City News

New Castle, Pennsylvania
December 20, 1888

Reno article_edited.jpg

Reno Gazette-Journal

Reno, Nevada
December 1, 1885

Buffalo Article_edited.jpg

The Buffalo Times

Buffalo, New York
November 20, 1888

Detroit Mikado article_edited.jpg

Detroit Free Press

Detroit, Michigan
October 9, 1885


Madeline, or The Magic Kiss

Sheet Music Cover

The comic opera that Joe was playing in at the time of Joe's marriage to Mattie Belle. The couple named their first child after the composer, Julian Edwards.


The Boston Globe

Boston, Massachusetts
September 9, 1894

Joe and Mattie Belle's marriage notice in the newspaper.

Marriage Notice_edited.jpg
wedding gift article_edited.jpg

The Boston Globe

Boston, Massachusetts
September 16, 1894


Marriage Record

From Ancestry.com, the marriage record of Joe and Mattie Belle. They got married at the Justice of the Peace in Boston on September 8, 1894.

Weissner Marriage Record_edited.jpg

The Tremont Theater

Boston, Massachusetts

The Tremont Theater is the location where Joe was acting in Madeline at the time of his marriage.


Weissner Genealogy

Family Group Sheet from Ancestry.com

Weissner Family Group Sheet - Ancestry.com_Page_1.jpg
Weissner Family Group Sheet - Ancestry.com_Page_2.jpg